39 kids' games and quizzes to try on Google Home

Put a new spin on family time with these kids' games for the Google Home.

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Kids love chatting with Google Assistant. A big reason for that is its growing library of games, quizzes and other playful content. In fact, many of these experiences are specifically designed for young children and their families. Here's a list of kid-friendly fun you can ask Google to serve up right now.


Google can teach you how to talk like a chef.

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Learning and homework

  • Talk Like a Chef is a brain-feeding quiz that'll help you learn all manner of foodie terms, phrases and facts. Say, "Hey, Google, play Talk Like a Chef."
  • CK-12 EDU Trivia tests your knowledge of earth science, physics and chemistry, and biology. Say, "Hey, Google, talk to CK-12."
  • Space Trivia will challenge those who think they know a lot about space, stars and other heavenly objects. Say, "Hey, Google, play Space Trivia."
  • Study.com Quiz serves up questions to test your knowledge in history, social studies, math, science and other subjects. Say, "Hey, Google, talk to Study.com."

Homework help

  • Google Assistant can help you with your homework by looking up information about inventors, artists, explorers and other important figures. Say, "Hey, Google, help me with my homework."
  • National Geographic Bee will test your knowledge of places, regions and locations around the globe. Say, "Hey, Google, talk to National Geographic Bee."
  • Trivia Showdown asks you to prove you've got (trivia) game by going head-to-head in real time with a real opponent. Say, "Hey, Google, talk to Trivia Showdown."
  • Math Showdown puts your math skills on the line by challenging an opponent head-to-head. Say, "Hey, Google, talk to Trivia Showdown."
  • Everyday Heroes lets you find out what it's like to be an astronaut, chef, police officer and other people doing exciting jobs. Say, "Hey, Google, talk to Everyday Heroes."
  • Talk Like an Astronaut helps youlearn about human milestones in space exploration. Say, "Hey, Google, play Talk Like an Astronaut."
  • Sporcle Junior dishes out mentally stimulating quizzes designed just for kids. Say, "Hey, Google, talk to Sporcle Junior."
  • In Planet Quiz you must put your planetary knowledge to the test in a quiz game. Say, "Hey, Google, talk to Planet Quiz."
  • Quizizz Student asks students to answer queries spanning many subjects, including science, history, geography and math. Say, "Hey, Google, talk to Quizizz Student."
  • Start Animal Trivia to find out if your animal trivia chops are wild enough to tame this quiz game. Say, "Hey, Google, play Animal Trivia."

Freeze Dance is one of the goofy games Google Assistant can play.

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Games for fun

  • In Freeze Dance, Google Assistant plays DJ for your dance party, then tells everyone to freeze at random times. Say, "Hey, Google, play Freeze Dance."
  • Disney's Mickey Mouse Adventure is a game where you must help your pal Mickey Mouse make it through all sorts of wacky adventures and escapades. Say, "Hey, Google, play Mickey Mouse Adventure."
  • Star Wars Trivia Challenge tests just how well you know the galaxy far, far away. Say, "Hey, Google, play Star Wars Trivia Challenge."
  • Play Sports Illustrated Kids Trivia and find out if you're a sports trivia rookie or a pro. Say, "Hey, Google, play Sports Illustrated Kids Trivia."
  • In Musical Chairs, round and round you'll go. When the music stops, though, you'd better have a seat or you're out! Say, "Hey, Google, play Musical Chairs."
  • Enter Belle's Castle Adventure (spinning off Disney's "Beauty and the Beast") to solve puzzles. Say, "Hey, Google, play Belle's Castle Adventure."
  • What's Your Planet? is a zany quiz that matches your personality to planets in the solar system. Say, "Hey, Google, play What's Your Planet."
  • In What's Your Inner Animal? Google Assistant sniffs out your personal animal spirit by asking oddball questions. Say, "Hey, Google, play What's Your Inner Animal."
  • Cars Adventure lets you rev your engines for fun with Lightning McQueen and the whole Cars gang. Say, "Hey, Google, play Cars Adventure."
  • What Fruit Are You? is for anyone who's ever wondered what you'd be if you were sweet produce. Say, "Hey, Google, play What Fruit Are You."
  • In Sound Pet, adopt a virtual pet you can interact with, feed and bathe through your Google Home device. Say, "Hey, Google, play Sound Pet."
  • In This or That, Google Assistant will ask you to choose between two wacky hypothetical situations. Say, "Hey, Google, play This or That."
  • Lucky Trivia for Families will gather everyone at home together for a game of family-friendly trivia hosted by the Google Assistant. Say, "Hey, Google, play Lucky Trivia for Families."
  • It's Lucky Trivia for Families: Sports Edition time! Kids, spit out that mouthpiece and get ready for some family sports trivia action. Say, "Hey, Google, play Family Sports Trivia."
  • The World Foods Trivia game will ask things like, What's the difference between injera bread, brigadeiro and bao? Play this food trivia game and find out. Say, "Hey, Google, play World Foods Trivia."
  • Once Tricky Genie is summoned, he will tell you a tale and ask you for ways to help its characters. Say, "Hey, Google, talk to Tricky Genie."
  • Voice Tic Tac Toe is a game of Tic Tac Toe you play by voice. Say, "Hey, Google, play Voice Tic Tac Toe."
  • Ding Dong Coconut is a wacky party game that tests your memory by having you match sounds to random words. Say, "Hey, Google, talk to Ding Dong Coconut."

OK, Google. Let's go on a jungle adventure.

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Stories and imagination

  • The Tired Alien, a story about how a cute but weary alien finally falls asleep. Say, "Hey, Google, tell me the story of the Tired Alien."
  • Jasper, The Not-So-Scaredy Cat says he isn't afraid of anything. Listen to the story and find out. Say, "Hey, Google, tell me the story of the Not-So-Scaredy Cat." 
  • In Strangest Day Ever very odd things happen when you play this interactive story about walking to the store. Say, "Hey Google, play the Strangest Day Ever."
  • The Chef Who Loved Potatoes is the tale of a chef who cooked nothing but potatoes until... well, I won't spoil it. Say, "Hey, Google, tell me the story of The Chef Who Loved Potatoes."
  • With Tell Me a Story you ask Google Assistant to read a randomly chosen classic story from its library. Say, "Hey, Google, tell me a story."
  • In Story Champ you'll hear interactive stories about Hutch, a boy in the fifth grade. Say, "Hey, Google, talk to Story Champ."
  • Jungle Adventure helps you pretend to explore caves, climb trees and raft down rivers, all in search of a lost temple. Say, "Hey, Google, play Jungle Adventure."