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Amazon expands in-garage grocery delivery to more than 5,000 cities

After launching as a pilot program in just five cities, Key by Amazon's in-garage grocery delivery is now available anywhere Amazon delivers groceries.

Ry Crist Senior Editor / Reviews - Labs
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Ry Crist
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Months after launching the service as a pilot program in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle, Key by Amazon is making its in-garage grocery delivery an option for all customers in all regions where Amazon delivers groceries. That includes more than 5,000 cities and towns across the US.

Formerly known as Amazon Key, Key by Amazon allows Prime subscribers with compatible smart locks or smart garage openers to receive package and grocery deliveries inside their home. Those who opt in will share temporary access with their delivery person, enabling them to open the door or garage, drop your groceries or packages off inside, and lock things shut behind them.

In-home package delivery was already available in more than 4,000 cities. Now, Amazon is giving in-garage grocery delivery the green light, too.


To opt into Amazon's in-garage grocery delivery service, you'll need to be a Prime subscriber with Chamberlain's MyQ Garage Door Opener installed.

Colin West McDonald/CNET

"Customers who tried Key In-Garage Grocery Delivery have loved the service, which is why we're expanding it to everywhere Amazon offers grocery delivery," said Pete Gerstberger, head of Key by Amazon, in a statement. "As customers look for more convenience in their daily lives, we're excited to deliver another service that not only helps them save time, but provides peace of mind knowing that tonight's dinner is safe in their garage and out of the weather."

The expansion follows a pandemic-borne banner year for grocery delivery and other services designed to help people avoid crowded grocery stores. Along with Amazon, Instacart, Kroger, Walmart, Mercato and others in the grocery delivery space all participated in a hiring blitz during 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic drove record numbers of shoppers online in pursuit of their groceries. Now, in 2021, Amazon is looking to keep that momentum going, even as newly vaccinated Americans begin to venture back out to public spaces as restrictions loosen.

Key by Amazon's in-garage grocery delivery is available at no additional cost as an option during checkout for all eligible Amazon Prime subscribers. As of now, the only garage opener that's supported is the MyQ Smart Garage from Chamberlain, which costs $30. You'll also need to download and use the Key by Amazon app to receive delivery notifications and manage your delivery driver's access. Customers also have the option of watching video of their deliveries -- for that, you'll need a Liftmaster Smart Garage Camera with a MyQ video storage subscription, or a compatible Ring smart home camera with a Ring Protect Plan for video storage.

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