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Kenmore breaks free of brick and mortar with Amazon deal

You'll be able to shop for Kenmore appliances via Amazon. Also, Kenmore's smart appliances will work with Alexa.

A Kenmore Elite washer.
Chris Monroe/CNET

Kenmore appliances have a new home. You'll still be able to buy Sears' house brand at department stores and online via Sears, but you'll now be able to find Kenmore models on as well.

In an added bonus to Kenmore's move to join the modern retail world, Kenmore's launching an Alexa skill Thursday. Alexa is Amazon's digital assistant, popularized as the voice of the Amazon Echo, and its "skills" let third-party developers use it to control their products. With a voice command to an Echo device, you'll be able to control any Kenmore smart appliance.


The Amazon Echo, Tap and Echo Dot.

Chris Monroe/CNET

The deal kicks off Thursday as you can currently buy Kenmore connected air conditioners on Amazon. You'll be able to buy much more soon, according to Kenmore's statement.

The statement detailed that you'll be able to control your smart air conditioner and turn on your washer with your voice. At launch, you'll also be able to control a Kenmore dryer, refrigerator and even a water heater. GE's similar Alexa skill lets you check on the status of your dishwasher cycle, set the temperature of your oven and more. Hopefully Kenmore's Alexa skill will expand to the rest of its appliance categories soon.