Jedi Mind changes its name amid Lucas pressure

Jedi Mind decides to change its name to Mind Technologies after LucasFilm sues the company for trademark infringement, and it removes all mention of Jedi from its offerings.

Don Reisinger
Don Reisinger
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George Lucas
George Lucas LucasFilm

Not even the Jedi Mind trick could get LucasFilm to change its opinion on Jedi Mind's name.

The small software developer announced on Tuesday that it has changed its name to Mind Technologies. In a statement, the company said it decided to change its name "to avoid potential infringement of trademarks owned by LucasFilm."

Mind Technologies has also redirected its former Web site, JediMindinc.com, to its new MindTechnologies.com.

Mind Technologies' name was just one part of the issue LucasFilm had with the company. It also didn't like that it used "Jedi" in the name and descriptions of some of its products. In response, Mind Technologies has now removed all mention of Jedi from its offerings. It has also renamed the former Jedi Mouse to the Mind Mouse.

Last week, LucasFilm filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the former Jedi Mind, claiming that the company violated its trademark over any and all mentions of the Jedi Mind trick.

LucasFilm has yet to say if it will drop its case against Mind Technologies, but it seems rather likely at this point that it will.