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Is this Amazon's new Echo with a built-in screen?

An alleged image of Amazon's upcoming Alexa-enabled device, code-named "Knight," has surfaced on the internet.

The purported Echo with a built-in screen.
Evan Blass

CNET recently reported that Amazon was likely to reveal a new Echo device with a built-in screen within the next month. We didn't have any images of that new, larger Echo, reportedly code-named "Knight," but AFTVnews has posted what it alleges to be the first photo of the product.

The site previously dug up images on Amazon's servers for what turned out to be Amazon's Echo Look, a $200 gadget that uses its depth-sensing camera and LED lights for style selfies and fashion advice.

If this is the touchscreen Echo, it can be best described as an Alexa-enabled Fire tablet combined with a speaker.

As CNET's Ben Fox Rubin reported, "The new device may help Amazon expand and improve the Echo's capabilities in more areas, including video chats and online shopping, making the gadget more of a must-have item for homes."

We reached out to Amazon for a comment on the image but didn't immediately hear back.

Update 3:20 p.m. ET: After we initially posted this article, VentureBeat's Evan Blass posted a better image on Twitter. We've added that image to the story above.

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