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Insteon Smart Home System Has Apparently Disappeared

The company has reportedly gone out of business suddenly.

Insteon's smart home hub.
Chris Monroe/CNET

Insteon users have complained online of suddenly losing power to their smart home hubs as of Friday, as reported earlier by Stacey on IoT.

"One moment the system worked. The next moment, their cloud was crickets," one Reddit user said Sunday. "Fortunately, the devices themselves continue to work so we can still turn our lights on and off (and open garage doors) by setting up and pressing switches directly."

As pointed out by Stacey on IoT, the Insteon Twitter account hasn't been active since mid-2021, while the company's executives no longer list Insteon anywhere on their LinkedIn profiles -- except for the former CIO Mike Nunes, who says his role ended April 2022, and the chief research officer Dan Cregg, who says his role at Insteon ended in 2022.

Smartlabs, the parent company of Insteon, didn't immediately respond to request for comment.