Innit kitchen guide comes to Google Assistant smart displays at CES 2019

Google gets more helping hands in its smart displays with Innit and guided recipes.

Molly Price Former Editor

Innit began in 2013 as a software platform that aimed to help kitchen appliances to talk to one another. Today, Innit is an app for anyone looking to create a stress-free meal at home. It's a landing page of sorts for smart kitchen control across multiple brands, including Electrolux , Bosch and GE .  

In the Innit app for iOS and Android, you can find meal recommendations, filter by dietary preferences and watch how-to videos as you cook. You can also send instructions like oven temperature to Wi-Fi-enabled ovens from any brand Innit supports. 

Now, Innit is coming to the Google Home Hub and other Google Assistant-enabled smart displays with the same helpful resources, the company announced Tuesday here at CES . Don't have a fancy, Wi-Fi connected oven? No problem. You can still use Innit in a Google smart display for step-by-step guides and recipe recommendations.

Downloading the Innit mobile app will give you even more options. There you'll find advanced features like personalized nutrition, customized meal planning and smart shopping lists. 

The Innit action on Google Assistant smart displays is available by saying, "Hey Google, talk to Innit."

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