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Ikea's connected smart blinds come to the US on April 1

You can buy the Fyrtur blinds from Ikea in Germany now, but wider availability is on the way.

You can control the blinds with the remote (shown above) or with your phone.

Ikea is expanding its repertoire of connected devices with its new Fyrtur smart roller blinds.

The blinds were first listed by Ikea Germany, where they are currently available. The listings say that they're an in-store exclusive, with wider online availability coming Feb. 2. But they're coming to the US on April 1, according to Fast Company, which cites an Ikea spokesperson. Ikea later confirmed the Fast Company report to CNET.

CNET previously reported that the blinds would launch globally in 2019.

The blinds include a battery-powered device and can be raised or lowered through the included remote. However, the blinds can also be controlled through Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit or your phone -- like Ikea's line of connected lightbulbs.

They come in five sizes, ranging from 60 by 195cm to 140 by 195cm. Ikea Germany has another set of smart blinds, a more transparent set called Kadrilj, that won't be available in the US, Ikea told CNET. Prices start at 119 euros (about $135, £110 or AU$190) for the Fyrtur.

An Ikea representative in the UK said the blinds would be available there in February.

Originally published Jan. 7.
Update Jan. 10: Added Ikea confirmation, following the Fast Company report.