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Ikea smart blinds confirmed and they're coming to the US

You'll be able to control them with the Tradfri app once they launch in 2019.


Lutron's shades work well in the CNET Smart Home, but Ikea could soon undercut them on price. 

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Rumors of smart blinds from Ikea have been circulating for a couple of weeks. On Wednesday, an Ikea representative confirmed to CNET that they exist and they're launching globally in 2019.

Opening the blinds with a voice command is one of the unique tricks of the CNET Smart Home, but our Lutron system costs at least $350 per blind, depending on your window, and that doesn't include the $150 bridge you need to make the blinds work with Apple's HomeKit. Somfy's popular motorized shades are also quite pricey, so the hope is that Ikea can make something more affordable.

Pricing hasn't been finalized, but the blinds will have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and you'll be able to control them with the company's Tradfri app. 

The Swedish home retail giant offers a number of affordable smart bulbs and LED lighting systems under the Tradfri brand. The affordability of those existing Ikea smart home products is what makes us hopeful that these smart blinds will follow suit. Setting up for movie night might soon be much easier. 

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