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Ikea asks: Would you enjoy a chat with your couch?

Ikea would love to know if you like the idea of AI-enhanced furniture.


A home with smart appliances is one thing, but how about smart furniture? Global home furnishing giant Ikea is asking the same sorts of questions. Specifically, it has tasked the Copenhagen design firm Space10 to conduct a survey investigating consumers' attitudes towards artificial intelligence.

With the quirky title "Do You Speak Human?" the online questionnaire poses queries such as whether you'd prefer your virtual assistant to "share your values and worldview," if it should be male or female, and if it makes sense for a home AI to detect and react to your emotions.

Space10's survey for Ikea asks you how you feel about AI at home.


Does this mean we'll one day chat with our living room furniture like we would old friends? Are we as human beings comfortable with the notion of owning artificially personable objects and interacting with them daily? Maybe we'll soon find out.

Ikea did not immediately respond to a request for further comment.