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HyperMac seller Sanho bows to Apple pressure

Sanho, which sells external batteries for several Apple products and is the target of a patent suit, will stop selling its MacBook charging cables and car charger.

HyperMac image on Sanho Corporation's site.
HyperMac image on Sanho Corporation's site

Sanho, which sells HyperMac external batteries for several Apple products, announced today it will stop selling cables that connect those components to some Apple hardware.

According to the company, which cited "ongoing comprehensive licensing negotiations with Apple," it will halt sales of its "MacBook charging cables and car charger on November 2." Although it will continue to sell its batteries, the lack of cables basically renders them useless, since people won't be able to connect those products to Apple's computers.

Sanho's decision to stop selling cables with its batteries was a response to a legal battle the company is waging against Apple.

In September, Apple filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Sanho in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. In that lawsuit, Apple alleged that Sanho was using its patented MagSafe connector technology in its products without a license. The lawsuit also included allegations that Sanho violated Apple patents with its car charger and 30-pin iPhone/iPod connector, which the iPhone maker said were also used without a license. In total, Apple alleged that Sanho violated six of its patents.

Apple asked the court for damages and Sanho's profits, as well as a permanent injunction against the company.

Neither Sanho nor Apple immediately responded to a request for comment on where the companies currently stand related to that lawsuit.

HyperMac batteries are a boon for Mac owners who have trouble maintaining a charge on their notebooks over an extended period. Sanho sells four different battery sizes that provide up to 45 hours of continuous use. Its car charger allows users to charge their MacBook battery while on-the-go with the help of the vehicle's lighter port.

Although Sanho will halt sales of its Mac connectors, the company has not announced it will quit selling its iPad or iPhone chargers.

(Via Engadget)