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Hulu Plus lands on Vizio tablet

The video-streaming service will be available as an application on the 8-inch tablet. Users will still need to pay $7.99 per month for access to it.

Hulu Plus is now running on Vizio's 8-inch tablet.
Hulu Plus can now run on Vizio's 8-inch tablet. Vizio

Vizio's 8-inch tablet will now support Hulu Plus, the company announced today.

According to Chief Technology Officer Matt McRae, Vizio's tablet has become "one of the first Android-powered tablets to support Hulu Plus."

Vizio launched its 8-inch tablet earlier this month. The device comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability for users to control their home entertainment devices with the built-in universal remote. The tablet also comes with an HDMI port, allowing users to push content to their HDTVs in high-definition.

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Although there are several Android tablets on store shelves, one of the key selling points for Vizio's option is its price. The device is currently available for $299--substantially cheaper than some of its chief competitors, including the iPad 2, which starts at $499.

As Hulu starts supporting more mobile devices, the company is reportedly considering a sale. Today, the firm reportedly started accepting initial bids for acquisition, which could come from a host of companies, including Yahoo and Google.

Hulu's value--and its appeal to customers--might have slipped a bit earlier this month, though, after Fox decided to start delaying the availability of its content on Hulu. The company, which owns part of Hulu, said users of the streaming service would now need to wait eight days to watch a past episode. The company previously offered its content the next day.

According to reports, Hulu was forced to sign similar deals with other studios that are also planning to make content available in eight days, rather than one.

Vizio tablet owners interested in getting their hands on Hulu Plus content will first need to download the application from Android Market and then sign up for the service. The offering costs $7.99 per month.