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Hulu Plus coming to all PS3 users

All PlayStation 3 owners with a PlayStation Network account will get Hulu Plus access starting next week. Hulu Plus is also now available on Sony Bravia 2010 HDTVs.

Hulu is slowing ramping up the availability of its Hulu Plus platform.

Current owners of the 2010 models of Sony Bravia HDTVs started getting access to Hulu Plus yesterday. And next week, the company plans to make Hulu Plus available to PlayStation 3 owners who have a free PlayStation Network account.

Hulu Plus has been available on Sony's console since July. However, the service was only made available to select PlayStation Plus subscribers. With next week's launch, any PlayStation 3 owner (in the U.S.) will have access to the service.

Going forward, Hulu plans to expand the availability of Hulu Plus to several products, including Blu-ray players, Blu-ray home theater systems, and Sony's Dash. The service is also expected to make its appearance on Roku players in the near future.

The addition of Hulu Plus to all PlayStation 3 consoles comes just a few weeks after a native Netflix application was made available on the hardware. The app allows customers to stream television shows and movies from the console without help from the disc that was previously required.

Hulu Plus costs $9.99 per month for access. Netflix streaming plans start at $8.99 per month.