Hubitat welcomes Lowe's Iris orphans

The privacy-focused smart home hub will work with first-generation Iris sensors, even after the Lowe's hub shuts down on March 31.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer

As the Iris by Lowe's smart home platform nears its end on March 31, Hubitat is offering a lifeboat to Iris owners who thought themselves stranded.

The Hubitat Elevation is a smart home hub that processes most automations locally to keep your information private. With fully customizable rules and scenes, it already served as a viable alternative for Lowe's Iris customers looking for a new hub, because it worked with certain second- and third-generation Iris sensors. Now, with the Iris cloud and services days away from shutting down, Hubitat is announcing support for first-gen Iris sensors, too.

According to the company's press release, Hubitat's lead engineer has found a way to connect with those first-generation Iris devices. The rub is that Hubitat still doesn't have an app, meaning you have to control and program the system from a web browser. That said, an app is supposedly in the works, to be released this summer. As for the system itself, it's highly customizable, with an interface that's clearly aimed at avid DIY-ers.

We haven't tested Hubitat's hub just yet, but in the meantime, you can currently buy it at a promotional price of $100 from the company's website, which is $50 off the normal price.