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How to set a recurring alarm with the Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo's alarm capabilities have been lacking since the feature was added last year. But now you can wake up to the soothing voice of Alec Baldwin every morning.

The Amazon Echo makes a pretty great alarm clock. All you have to do is tell Alexa when you want to wake up.

Before the Echo's recent major update, you had to tell it exactly when you wanted to wake up every night before dozing off. This wasn't exactly ideal.

Amazon recently made life easier by sneaking a recurring alarms feature into the Echo's settings. Here's how you can set an alarm that will repeat automatically.

Setting the recurring alarm

To set any alarm with the Echo, you will have to use a voice command as the app and Web client don't let you manually create an alarm.

When you're near your Echo, say, "Alexa, set an alarm." The Echo will ask when you want the alarm to go off. Reply out loud with the time. If you want the alarm to repeat, specify how often. You can choose from every day, weekdays, weekends or once per week on a given day.

Alexa will then confirm that you've set up the alarm and let you know when it's scheduled to repeat.

Editing existing alarms

If you made a mistake when creating an alarm or have an existing one you would rather have recur, you can quickly edit it manually.

First, open the Amazon Alexa app on your mobile device or go to echo.amazon.com from your browser and navigate to Alarms. Click on the alarm you need to edit. From there, you can change the time and alarm sound.

Before, there was no option to choose when an alarm repeats, but now you can change that. Select one of the options from the Repeats drop-down menu. When you've finished making changes, select Save Changes.

Canceling or deleting alarms

If you need to put an alarm on hold or delete it altogether, you can do that from within the app or Web client.

Canceling an alarm simply turns it off in the settings, but doesn't delete it. To cancel an alarm manually, open the Alexa app or echo.amazon.com, navigate to Alarms and click the toggle on the right to pause the alarm.

You can also do this by saying, "Alexa, cancel alarm for [time and day]."

Deleting an alarm has to be done manually, from within the app or Web client. Navigate to the Alarms menu, select the alarm you want to delete and select Delete Alarm.