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How to connect Automatic to the Nest thermostat

You can now connect your Automatic-equipped car to your home's Nest thermostat.

Automatic and Nest. Jason Cipriani/CNET

Last week as CES got under way, a slew of companies announced integration plans with Nest, the Google-owned company better known for its smart thermostat.

One of those companies is Automatic, the maker of a small adapter that scores your driving habits in an effort to help you save gas, and drive safer. Technically Automatic and Nest already played nicely with one another, but it required an additional service to do the legwork. By eliminating a middle man, the two devices can now talk directly to one another.

An example of the rule creation process on Automatic's website for Nest. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

To connect the two devices, visit Follow the prompts to sign in to both your Automatic and Nest accounts. Once the two accounts are connected, you'll need to enter your mobile number. Nest requires you to confirm via text when a rule attempts to change the status of your thermostat such as from Home to Away. This extra step is a bit puzzling, if not counterproductive, from an automation standpoint.

The example rules provided allow for you to set your thermostat to Home or Away depending on where your car is turned on or off. You can also choose to have Automatic provide an ETA of your arrival home to Nest, which in turn uses that information to cool or heat your house timed to your arrival. Additionally, you can create your own rules based on a specific location and time of day.