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How to clean your air fryer

Get your air fryer back to looking like new again with these steps.

Even though air fryers use considerably less oil than your typical fryers, they can still become a mess from spills and drips. 

A sticky, oily film can make cleaning this appliance a little tricky. Here's how to get your air fryer clean inside and out so it's like new again.

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Give it a rub down

First you need to soak up any oil that may be congealing on your air fryer. Unplug the appliance, then grab some newspapers and wad them into a ball. Give the appliance a good rub down, inside and out. This will remove the bulk of any oily residue. 

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Next, go over the outside of the appliance with a disinfectant wipe or a magic eraser. This wipe down will remove any residual oil and dust. Don't worry about wiping out the inside with a wipe or magic eraser. We'll take care of the inside in the next steps.

Wash the pan and fryer basket

Now, remove the pan and basket (some models also have a tray you can clean) and give them a good wash. You usually can put these two items in the dishwasher, but check your manual just in case. If they're dishwasher safe, always put them on the top rack during a normal cycle.

To hand wash them, let the pan and basket soak in warm water with a few drops of dish soap. Then wipe them down with a sponge or dishcloth and rinse each with warm water. Set the pan and basket aside to dry.

Wipe down the inside

While those are drying, use a magic eraser or disinfectant wipe to clean the heating element and the areas around where the basket and pan sit. 

You can also clean the areas with hot water and a cleaning cloth instead. Just make sure you don't use a cleanser that needs to be rinsed, since you can't put your air fryer under running water and "rinsing" by wiping everything down with a moist cloth doesn't remove all of the cleanser residue.

If there is stuck-on gunk on the heating element, scrub it with an old toothbrush or a soft-bristled cleaning brush. Don't attack it with anything more abrasive or you may leave scratches.

Once everything is clean and dry, you can put the pan and basket back into their spots.