Honeywell's Lyric security system syncs with Apple HomeKit

If you use Honeywell's security system in your home, you'll soon be able to connect it with Apple's iOS-based smart home platform and control it using Siri.

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The Honeywell Lyric security system features a variety of sensors that connect to a central hub with 7-inch touchscreen and built-in camera.

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It wasn't long after the debut of the Honeywell Lyric smart thermostat that Honeywell decided to start offering dealer-installed, professionally monitored Lyric home security systems, too. Now, as the company teased back at CES 2017, those Lyric security systems are finally set to sync up with Apple's HomeKit .

A set of iOS-based smart home protocols, HomeKit allows a given gadget to sync directly with your iPhone or iPad via Apple's Home app. From there, you can control that gadget using spoken Siri commands, or automate it alongside other HomeKit-compatible gadgets by programming scenes. 

In the case of Lyric, you'll be able to put any of the system's lights, locks and thermostats under Siri's control, or arm your system with a quick voice command. You'll still need to enter your code in order to disarm the system, though, which seems like a sensible precaution to me.

Honeywell tells me that the Lyric system is now officially certified for use with HomeKit, and that existing users should expect to see a software update by the end of December. The systems were designed to work with HomeKit from the beginning, so you won't need to buy a separate HomeKit accessory or pay any extra fees. And, lest you fear getting locked into a single smart home ecosystem, the Lyric setup is also compatible with IFTTT, and with Amazon's Alexa.

The same can be said of Honeywell's upcoming DIY security system, which the brand is currently offering on Indiegogo for release in 2018. Like Lyric, that camera-centric system plans to hop on board with HomeKit next year.

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