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Hedgehog is a smart solution to your Wi-Fi insecurity

This gadget uses machine learning to monitor your home network for unusual activity.


The Hedgehog is a small device from a British startup that protects your home network from various threats -- whether it's hackers (that's probably unlikely for most of us) or insecure devices on our networks being enlisted in cyberattacks (which is more likely).It was announced at the virtual CES 2021.

But the Hedgehog isn't just a firewall, like other plug-in devices on the market. Instead, it uses machine learning to track the usual activity on your network and automatically cut off access if there are aberrations. 

The Hedgehog includes other privacy-facing features, including the ability to block and whitelist devices, connect to smart home gadgets of all kinds, set up parental controls and more.

The device is available now at a promotional price of $135 (£99, or about AU$170), though the suggested retail price is a steeper $340 (£249).