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Guinness crowns Mario 'Godfather of gaming'

Before this weekend's release of Super Mario Galaxy 2, Guinness World Records publishes a list of the top Mario records of all time.

Super Mario Galaxy 2
Super Mario Galaxy 2 GameSpot

In a run-up to Sunday's release of Super Mario Galaxy 2, Guinness World Records has published a list of the franchise's achievements.

According to the record-tracking organization, Mario has appeared in the most video games of any character in the industry's history. Based on the Guinness count, Mario has appeared in "207 distinct titles, including remakes and re-releases." Also, since he made his first appearance in 1981 as Jumpman in "Donkey Kong," Guinness said, Mario holds the title for the "longest-running computer game character."

Guinness likewise found that the Super Mario franchise is the best-selling series of all time--"across all genres"--selling more than 200 million copies worldwide since its inception.

All told, Mario's success can't be beaten. According to Guinness, Mario's nearly 30 years of existence has helped him acquire more gaming records than any other character or franchise in the industry.

"The world of gaming was forever changed when Mario made his first appearance in 'Donkey Kong,'" Guinness wrote in a blog post. "Mario is still 'The Godfather' of gaming as the most successful and enduring character in an industry which is constantly evolving."