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GoSun Flow and Brew at CES 2021 purify water and make coffee using only solar power

Need coffee while you camp? These are the perfect gadgets for you.

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GoSun's latest devices, the Brew travel mug-French press combination and the Flow water purification system, run using only solar power -- and the company is showing them off for CES 2021.

The Brew is insulated like any travel mug, but includes a 12-volt heater and built-in French press, making it good for coffee- or tea-brewing while off the grid. The idea is that you can boil water, and thus drink coffee, while camping, without needing to build a fire. Whether you're unable to make a fire because of unfavorable weather or a current campfire ban, the GoSun allows you to stay caffeinated.

The GoSun Flow can work in tandem with the Brew, filtering 99.99% of pathogens from water, according to the company. With a single charge, the Flow can purify 100 gallons of water to be used for hand-washing, showering, drinking or brewing coffee.

The Flow incorporates a 9-liter collapsible sink basin, a hose with various attachments (such as a shower head and faucet) and an 18.5 watt-hour lithium battery with an integrated solar panel. The sink itself weighs only 2.75 pounds.

The GoSun Brew is available now for $100, and the GoSun Flow is available now for $250.

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