Gorgeous tea maker brews matcha while you wait

The Cuzen Matcha stores, grinds and brews your matcha with style.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor

The Cuzen Matcha machine turns tea-making into an art.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The Cuzen Matcha -- a matcha maker -- caught my eye as I was scanning booths at CES. It's a beautiful gadget, designed to sit on your countertop. An aluminum storage compartment on the top holds your matcha (up to 20 shots, Cuzen says). Buy Cuzen's premium tea leaf packets when you want to drink matcha plain and the more affordable signature packets for matcha lattes and other mixed matcha concoctions. Pricing for the packets hasn't been set yet. 

I watched as the machine was loaded with matcha tea leaves. Then a grinder built into the machine turned the leaves into a powder and blended them with cold water to create a shot of matcha (it doesn't brew warm matcha, only cold). 

Cuzen claims most matcha makers sell powdered matcha rather than matcha leaves, meaning their brew should be fresher and less bitter. I got to try it out and can vouch that it wasn't bitter at all.  

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The device is currently available for preorder on the Cuzen site for $290 and will start shipping in the fall; its retail price is $420. The preorder starter kit includes the machine, two premium packets and three signature packets.  

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