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Google's Latest Nest Cameras Now Work With Amazon Alexa

New skill allows Amazon Echo Show, Fire TV and Fire Tablet to display footage captured by cameras made by Google.

Imad Khan Senior Reporter
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Imad Khan

Google Nest camera mounted outside. 

Chris Monroe/CNET

Google has introduced a new Alexa Skill that allows Amazon-made devices to play video from the search giant's latest Nest Cam devices, allowing users of the Amazon Echo Show, Fire TV and Fire Tablet to view security camera footage captured by Nest cameras. Users can also engage in two-way talk with visitors at their doorstep, as detailed Tuesday in a Google Nest Community blog post. A forthcoming update will also allow Alexa to announce when a person is at the front door. 

This follows a similar move Amazon made last month, opening up its smart home feature set to Nest, Adobe and other devices. It falls in line with an alliance Apple, Google, Amazon and other tech companies made last year to certify new smart home devices under a network standard called Matter. The alliance allows, for example, a smart bulb made by one company to work with devices made by another. 

When asked for comment, Google pointed to the blog post linked above. 

Older Nest cameras will also get some Alexa integrations as well, although it'll miss out on live view from a Fire Tablet and motion announcements. The folks over at Android Police put together a handy compatibility chart, re-created below:

Nest Camera and Amazon Compatibility

Model Live view from Echo ShowLive view from Fire TVLive view from Fire tabletMotion announcements
Nest Cam outdoor
Nest Cam indoor (battery)
Nest Cam indoor (wired)
Nest Cam with floodlight
Nest Doorbell (battery)
Nest Cam Indoor (1st-gen) XX
Nest Cam Outdoor (1st-gen) XX
Nest Cam IQ Indoor XX
Nest Cam IQ Outdoor XX
Nest Doorbell (wired) XX

Users can head over to Amazon to install the skill. Upon installation, users then open up the Google Home app settings and click on Partner Connections, then Amazon Alexa. From there, the app will guide users on how to add integrations for each device.