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Google's Home app updates aim for easier third-party integration

Google missed the mark when Works with Nest became Works with Google Assistant. Now, updates to the Home app are hoping to ease the pain.

Google Booth CES 2020
James Martin/CNET
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Google brought its giant booth and signature slide back to CES this year, along with updates for smart home users. Last year, Works with Nest transitioned to become Works with Google Assistant, but things didn't go smoothly. Some users were left with account problems and integrations that weren't connecting properly.  

Now, Google is announcing a Home app update that makes connecting third-party products simpler. Let's say you set up a new device in that device's corresponding app. You'll get a push notification from the Home app, to let you automatically enter the information needed to bring it into your Google Assistant smart home. That means you won't have to do so much logging into one account, enabling access and setting up the device again in the Home app. Google takes care of that for you. 

Google Booth CES 2020

Google's CES experience includes a slide and ball pit. 

James Martin/CNET

This update is just one on a list of new features that also included voice commands for scheduling smart devices with phrases like "Hey Google, start the coffeemaker at 6 a.m." and a digital post-it note design for leaving notes on smart displays. With Google boasting 500 million users each month, easy integration and account linking is in higher demand than ever. 

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