Google updates multiroom audio for smart speakers and displays

Google is rolling out updates that change speaker selection across your smart home.

Molly Price Former Editor

Google's Nest Mini makes a pretty decent speaker for $50. You can already stereo pair Nest Minis and wrangle speakers and displays into groups on your Google Home app. Today, Google announced a new update rolling out to make speaker and display grouping more flexible while you're streaming your favorite tunes.

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The Nest team is launching what it calls "multi-room control." This works with the most popular audio apps, specifically YouTube Music, Spotify and Pandora. If you have multiple Google-Assistant speakers in your home, you'll see a casting icon at the bottom of your music player. There you can select individual speakers to add to playback in real time. You'll also be able to remove speakers from playback. 

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This is one in a line of small updates Google made to Assistant-enabled smart speakers in the last few weeks. We've also seen school-themed updates for speakers and displays, refined broadcasting for sending messages to individual rooms and the addition of Netflix on smart displays.