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Google TV's YouTube app update to surface more videos

The update, which is available in Google TV's Android Market, includes new channel pages, faster response times, and related videos.

A look at Google's new YouTube app for Google TV.
A look at Google's new YouTube app for Google TV. YouTube

Google has delivered a small update for its Google TV YouTube app.

The company yesterday announced that the update, which is available in the Android Market, is designed to surface the videos people are most interested in. To accomplish that goal, the app includes new channel pages, featuring playlists and videos users can subscribe to. In addition, the application now includes a related videos list and the option to see all the clips uploaded by individual users.

The most important addition to Google TV's YouTube app is a feature called Discover. After booting up Discover, users can sift through channels with different topics, including comedy, gaming, and news.

But Google's YouTube announcement might just be the tip of the iceberg. Over the weekend, the search giant wrote on its Facebook page that users should "get ready for Monday," adding that it has "some big announcements" on the ready. Here's hoping the company meant something much bigger than a few simple updates to its YouTube app.