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Google starts rolling out Fuchsia OS to original Nest Hub

Google's newest OS is starting to appear on devices.

The first-generation Nest Hub, left, will be among the first devices to get the search giant's new Fuchsia OS. 
James Martin/CNET

Google's Fuchsia OS has been in development for some time and now it's heading onto some devices. First up: the first-generation Nest Hub

The search giant on Tuesday started rolling out an update to its 2018 smart home device. The change, which was earlier reported by 9to5Google, will replace the device's existing Cast OS with Google's new Fuchsia software. The update process will happen over the next few months and there won't be any changes to the experience for Nest Hub owners, according to Google.

Unlike Android, Fuchsia was developed by Google and is not based on Linux. It can run Android apps, however, which should make any potential transition to this OS from Android or Chrome OS a bit easier. 

Google previously described the Fuchsia project as an operating system for "modern phones and modern personal computers," suggesting that it envisioned Fuchsia for more than just smart home or internet-of-things devices. The company now says Fuchsia is meant to be a general-purpose OS, though it's unclear what other devices the software might land on.