Google Nest devices are making their way to SmartThings

If viewing your Nest cameras on your Family Hub fridge is on your Christmas list, you're in luck.

Molly Price Former Editor
Tyler Lizenby/CNET

SmartThings users will soon be able to add Nest products to their platform, Samsung announced today. Google Nest devices like thermostats, cameras and doorbells will become "Works with SmartThings" certified. That means you'll be able to control them through the SmartThings platform.

In the SmartThings app, you'll be able to adjust your Nest thermostat, view live camera feeds from Nest cameras and hear who's at the door with Nest Hello. Samsung points out that soon, you'll also be able to stream from your Nest devices to your Samsung smart TV or Family Hub refrigerator. 

In addition to viewing and controlling devices, SmartThings integration means you can incorporate Nest products into current SmartThings scenes, automations and voice commands. That capability reciprocates what you can already do with SmartThings products in the Google Home app. SmartThings technology will be available on Google Nest products starting in January 2021.

Samsung continues to expand SmartThings integration. The Google news trails the recent announcement of SmartThings integration with Mercedes-Benz. According to Samsung, SmartThings now has more than 180 certified brands and more than 63 million active users on the platform.