Google's new Nest smart speaker is all but confirmed

We've seen pictures, specs and even reports of in-store availability prior to Google's Sept. 30 event. Here's what we know.

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Google has confirmed that this is what its latest smart speaker, due out later this year, will look like.


Google Home fans, get ready. You're looking at the entirely new Nest-branded smart speaker headed to you soon -- likely an update to the original Google Home at long last. 

Google's Sept. 30 Launch Night In event will likely include a new Nest speaker. We've seen FCC filings with the name GXCA6, and Android Police and others got hold of an official Google filing from Japan back in July. Google independently confirmed with CNET that this is indeed an upcoming Google device. 

Even more recently, the new speaker was spotted in Walmart and a Reddit user apparently bought the speaker for $100. Those reports claim the speaker is called the Nest Audio. 

The timing makes sense. We typically see Google hardware events in the fall, and Google's event Wednesday is hot on the heels of Amazon's unveiling of the new Echo speaker (and a bunch of other stuff) with a totally redesigned, spherical look and $100 price tag. 

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What else do we know?

Filing photos from Japan show the rumored new speaker with the familiar fabric covering of past speakers, but a much different profile. This fabric wraps all the way around the device, suggesting that it might stand vertically when in use -- Google's official photo corroborates that, too. 

In the tweet, a photo beside a ruler indicates that the speaker is about 8.7 inches (220mm) long, making it quite tall for the smart speaker line, and about 5.9 inches (150mm) wide. The Reddit user who bought the speaker from Walmart also posted several photos that show its size compared to an Apple keyboard. 

Documentation also confirms that there will be Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities as well as a 30-watt DC power supply. There's still no apparent USB-C port or auxiliary input. Other features are familiar, like the silicone base and the G logo halfway up the back of the speaker. A mute switch is also visible in the photos.

Telecommunications Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan

How does it fit into the Google Nest lineup?

It's been four years since the first Google Home smart speaker, and we've seen several since then, including the Home MiniNest Mini and Home Max, as well as the emergence of smart displays such as the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max.

This speaker is likely a replacement for the midsized, original Google Home that's no longer for sale on Google's online storefront or big-box retailers.

When will this new Google Nest go on sale?

We don't have specifics, but it's likely to hit stores in the days following the Sept. 30 event. In addition to the official Google photo up top, Google also offered up this sneak peek of "what the Nest team is working on from home." Check it out: 

Ordinarily, we could expect to see a new speaker at Google's annual I/O developer conference, typically held in May. Since it was canceled due to the coronavirus, and so much leaking has already happened, we feel pretty confident the speaker will make an appearance at Wednesday's event headlined by the new Pixel phone.

How much could Google's new Nest Home cost?

It's safe to assume this new speaker is intended to replace the original Home, so we'd be surprised if Google sets it too far off from that $99 price. Reports are that when it appeared at Walmart and on Home Depot's website, the price was indeed $100. That's in line with the pricing for the previous Google Home speaker. Not much surprise there. 

In comparison, the Nest Mini retails for $49 (although Google regularly discounts the diminutive smart speaker, and companies like Spotify often give it away for free with a premium subscription), so we expect it'll certainly cost more than that.

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