How to make your Google Home Hub whisper

Hush your speaker with this scheduling setting.

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Late at night, or after the baby's gone down for a nap, a loud response from your Google Home Hub speaker can disturb the peace. However, you can have the  Google Home Hub reply to your commands more quietly during certain parts of the day, automatically. 

This whisper feature, called Night Mode, can be useful whenever you need to keep the volume down. Here's how to turn it on and use it.

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Setting up Night Mode

To make your Google Home Hub quiet, open the Google Home app and scroll down on the home page to find your speaker. Tap on it and then tap the gear icon in the upper right. Next, tap on Night Mode and toggle on Enable Night Mode.

A schedule will pop up after switching the toggle. Tap to choose the days and times you need a quieter hub. Then, go down to the bottom of the screen and drag the volume bar to the left to adjust just how quiet you want your hub to be. These settings work for all Google Home speakers.

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Do not disturb

You can also turn off notifications from your Home Hub during your scheduled quiet times. From the Night Mode screen go down to Do Not Disturb and toggle it on.

Once activated, reminders, broadcast messages and other types of notifications won't be announced through the hub. If you need to keep up with reminders, you may want to check your Google Calendar app on your phone, instead.

Alarms and timers will still go off, even in Do No Disturb mode, so beware. They will be quieter, though, if you have Night Mode turned on.