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Google Home Max is going for $179 and then it's gone

Google's smart speaker is selling for less than half price -- and then going the way of the dodo.

Chris Monroe/CNET

After three years and a million "Hey Google's," the Google Home Max smart speaker is no more, though if you have one you'll still receive support for the foreseeable future. 

"We've sold out of Google Home Max and will no longer be manufacturing the device," a Google spokesperson confirmed in a statement following an earlier report by Engadget. "With the launch of Nest Audio, we're offering a range of great home audio solutions, particularly with two Nest Audios paired for stereo sound."

Google has moved most of its smart speakers to the Nest brand and now offers the smaller Google Nest Mini and Nest Audio. The Home Max's nearest competitors in terms of size are the $499 Sonos Five (which lacks a microphone) and in functionality the $200 Amazon Echo Studio. Both speakers arguably offer better sound than the Max, however.  

The Google Home Max is a large device compared to most smart speakers, meaning it is only suitable for side tables or TV stands, and while the product debuted at $399, it's now selling for $179 or $180. If you want one, you'd better hurry: It's sold out at Google itself, but Verizon still has stock, as well as P.C. Richard and a couple other places if you hunt around.

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