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Google Home has new tech to help you yell at your kids

Google's newest products for the home can broadcast to one another, basically creating a public announcement system. And we know what you'll probably use it for.

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This thing is going to become your nagging-partner in crime.

It's happened to everyone: Those times when you're ready at the front door, and other family members are dilly-dallying their way to joining you.

Well, now instead of having to strain your beautiful operatic voice to cajole them into moving faster, you Google can help instead.

That's the promise of a new feature in Google's home products called "broadcast." It's basically what the name suggests, helping you broadcast a voice recording across your home to any room with a Google home device inside. 

"Making a more thoughtful home is just one of way to make our joyfully hectic family lives a little easier," said Rishi Chandra, Google's VP for home products, during the company's product unveiling event Wednesday in San Francisco. The new feature will work with devices like the Google Home, Google Home Mini and Google Home Max.

"Parents are going to love this feature," he added. "Kids are going to hate this feature."

But at least now they can whine at the Google device instead of you. Amiright?

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