27 Google Home commands to help you prepare for the Super Bowl

Your Google Home speaker can help you prepare for the Big Game. Here are 27 commands to help get you started.

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The biggest football game of the year is just days away now. But it's not too late to start making preparations for the best big game party any of your friends have ever thrown.

If you've got a Google Home speaker tucked away in the corner of the room, you can put it to work for you. Below are 27 commands you can use with Google Home to help prepare you for your upcoming wingding.

Prep for the party

Before kickoff, Google Home can help around the kitchen, help you build a grocery list and make sure you're on time for the party. You can create timers and alarms or find recipes. Or you can just catch up on your favorite football podcast. 

  • "OK, Google , set a timer for three hours."
  • "OK, Google, remind me to go to the grocery store at 1 p.m. on Saturday."
  • "OK, Google, add chips and dip to my grocery list."
  • "OK, Google, find recipes from Allrecipes."
  • "OK, Google, start cooking."
  • "OK, Google, when does the Super Bowl start?"
  • "OK, Google, tell Domino's to place my Easy Order."
  • "OK, Google, play The Dave Dameshek Football Program podcast."

Football trivia

Brush up on your football trivia before all your friends come over and you have a Jeopardy! moment.

  • "OK, Google, what is the Philadelphia Eagles' roster?"
  • "OK, Google, where do the New England Patriots play?"
  • "OK, Google, who are the Philadelphia Eagles' wide receivers?"
  • "OK, Google, who is the coach of New England Patriots?"
  • "OK, Google, who is the running back for the Philadelphia Eagles?"
  • "OK, Google, what is James Harrison's number?"
  • "OK, Google, how old is Tom Brady?"
  • "OK Google, where did Carson Wentz go to high school?"
  • "OK, Google, where did Corey Clement go to college?"

During the big game

If you don't choose to disable the microphone (to avoid commercials activating the speaker or that friend constantly messing with the speaker throughout the game), you can also use Google Home to keep up with the game. You can get the score, ask who Google thinks will win the game or play a fanfare when your team scores a touchdown.

  • "OK, Google, what's the Super Bowl score?"
  • "OK, Google, touchdown!"
  • "OK, Google, coach, motivate me"
  • "OK, Google, who do you think will/wants to win the Super Bowl?" or "OK, Google, give me a game prediction."
  • "OK, Google, are you watching the Super Bowl?"
  • "OK, Google, are you having a Big Game party?"
  • "OK, Google, do you want to come to my party?"

After the game

When the game is finished, you can rub it in your friends' faces that your team beat theirs by asking Google who won (then saying, "OK, Google, what did you say?"). Or ask which commercial was Google's favorite.

  • "OK, Google, who won the Super Bowl?"
  • "OK, Google, which commercial was your favorite?"

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