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Google Home Assistant can help you digital detox from your phone and sleep better

Don't get distracted by your phone again.


Google has a few tricks and tools to help you stay off your phone. 

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Apps and devices have been steadily incorporating digital wellbeing features (in other words, using your phone to get off your phone) over the past two years. Google brought its digital detox tool out of beta last year and made it available for Android One and Pixel phones. 

Take advantage of Google's digital wellness features with your smart speakers to get a better night's sleep, spend less time on your phone, get distraction-free study time in, and more. You'll just need to set up Digital Wellness through the Google Home app. 

  1. Tap the microphone 
  2. Tap explore
  3. Type Digital wellbeing in the search bar
  4. Tap Send to Device
  5. Select a device (I chose the Google mini in my bedroom) 

Not getting distracted by your phone could help you get more done. 

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From here, you're going to set up your preferences for digital wellbeing. The toggle for Use Wind Down should already be in the "on" position. 

  1. Tap Start and set the time you want wind down to begin
  2. Choose the days you want wind down to repeat (the whole week is default)
  3. Tap End and set the time you want wind down to finish (it also will shut off whenever you next alarm goes off) 

You can choose to toggle on or off Grayscale which will turn your display gray when wind down starts. I found this handy because it's easy to get lost in a social media rabbit hole or watching a show and lose track of time. When your screen goes gray, you know it's time to start thinking about getting in bed. You can also toggle on or off Do Not Disturb, which silences notifications and incoming calls. I also liked that feature because when my phone buzzes, I'm always curious what it is and can't resist checking. 

It's also easy to incorporate the digital wellbeing tools into your Google Home bedtime routine. You can keep your original set up, just tap Add Action and type in Set wind down for [time]. Depending on what you toggled, your phone will go into grayscale and do not disturb mode until you wake up.   

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