Google at CES 2019: Everything just announced

From translation tools to smart alarm clocks, Google is all over the world’s largest technology show.

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Richard Nieva
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Google made lots of noise at CES 2019.

Richard Nieva/CNET

After pulling out all the stops at CES last year, Google was expected to go even bigger this year.

And to no one's surprise, that's what Google did. The search giant built a massive booth to showcase its Google Assistant software, set up an interactive ride for guests, and plastered the words "Hey Google" everywhere, from the Las Vegas Convention Center to the city's monorail.

CES, the world's largest technology conference, is more important to Google than ever as it pushes devices to consumers that compete against the likes of Amazon , Apple and Samsung . At the center of Google's strategy is the Assistant, an AI-powered digital helper that's akin to Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri. It's available in Android phones , Google Home smart speakers, other smart home devices, and as an app on iPhones.

Google not only made a bunch of announcements itself, but also partnered with other companies, including Samsung, Lenovo and McAfee to tout new Assistant integrations.

Here's everything Google announced at CES this year:


    Google Assistant's interpreter mode will be piloted at the concierge desk at Caesars Palace.

    James Martin/CNET
  • Google Assistant Connect is a platform that allows third-party device makers to more easily integrate the Assistant into their products.

Google and Lenovo showed off a smart clock.

  • Assistant will work with Samsung TVs, so you can turn it on, change channels, and control volume using voice commands from your Google Home.
  • Dish's Hopper family of DVRs will have the Assistant built into its remotes, so you can search for content and control other smart home devices. That builds on features first released in 2018.
  • Other Android TV devices with Assistant built in include: Sony , Hisense, Philips , TCL, Skyworth, Xiaomi, Haier, Changhong, JVC and Toshiba
  • Some other smart home devices that will work with the Assistant: Instant Pot, routers on the McAfee Secure Home Platform, and the Rheem Water Heater & Thermostat. 
  • Assistant is being built into car accessories, including the Anker Roav Bolt and the JBL Link Drive, which plug into a car's cigarette lighter to connect your phone to the in-car system.
  • Lots of new mobile features: Check into your flight using the Google Assistant, access the Assistant straight from your phone's lock screen. And the Assistant is coming to the Google Maps app, so you can use voice commands to do things like share your ETA or reply to a text while driving. 

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