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Get two Echo Dots and a Sengled smart bulb for $46 at Best Buy (save $64)

Amazon's newest small smart speaker is on sale at Best Buy with a side of smart bulb.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Best Buy's latest deal puts two Echo Dots in your hands, plus a smart light bulb to get your connected home started. For $46, you can purchase two fourth-gen Echo Dots and receive a free Sengled Smart Bluetooth Mesh LED Soft White A19 Bulb, a $10 value. 

The Echo Dot is the most affordable and practical speaker Amazon sells. It's small, sounds great and with a $50 manufacturer-suggested retail price, it doesn't cost a fortune even when it's not on sale. Our own David Priest reviewed the newest Echo Dot, released in 2020, and wisely suggested you wait for a sale to pick one up. If you're hankering to add more Echo Dots to your home or get started in the smart home, now is as good a time as any. 

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As for the Sengled bulb, it's a basic model. You'll get a white LED that works with Bluetooth mesh technology, but only with Alexa and not with your Wi-Fi network. But hey, free is free, right? If you're interested in outfitting your home with smart bulbs, there are a handful of smart candidates under $15.