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GameStop: Game discs are here to stay

Not everyone might agree, but GameStop believes physical game discs will hang around for the long haul.

Downloadable content might be all the rage in the gaming business right now, but GameStop expects game discs will still win out, at least for the foreseeable future.

Shawn Freeman, GameStop's digital-business manager, told IGN that his company believes "a ton of advancement" is on its way for the gaming business, thanks to motion gaming and 3D technology. And as those advancements arrive, physical media will still play a big role.

"We still see a lot of growth on that side and will require, I still think, physical delivery for quite a while as that technology continues to outstrip advances in bandwidth and storage," Freeman said.

But that doesn't mean that downloadable and streaming content aren't coming. Services like Valve's Steam continue to gain ground in the space. In fact, Steam currently has more than 1,100 titles available to play. And with the advent of streaming services like OnLive or Gaikai, it's quickly becoming clear that the market is shifting away from the DVD or the Blu-ray disc and toward streaming and downloadable games. Exactly when the official changeover will occur is anyone's guess. But it seems more likely than ever.

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