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Galaxy Nexus heading to Best Buy on December 11?

Several rumors suggest that the Galaxy Nexus will be launching on Verizon in December. Samsung says the smartphone will come out "later this year."

Will the Galaxy Nexus launching?
Will the Galaxy Nexus be launching in the U.S. soon? Samsung

Although our good friends over in the U.K. already have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, we here in the U.S. are still waiting. But a new rumor suggests its launch might be nearing.

Engadget earlier today received a screenshot purporting to show a Galaxy Nexus listing in the Best Buy inventory system. The screenshot claims the smartphone will be in stock starting on December 11. However, as Engadget pointed out, an in-stock date does not necessarily mean that the device will be on store shelves that day.

CNET called several Best Buy stores around the U.S. to see if they had any knowledge on when the Galaxy Nexus would launch. Each salesperson, however, told CNET that they have not been informed of its launch date. And when pressed to check their inventory system, the salespeople didn't provide any further information.

Calls placed with Verizon Wireless stores were similarly fruitless.

That said, all signs point to a December launch for Samsung's device. Last week, a Verizon spokeswoman told CNET that "the Galaxy Nexus will be available later this year." That statement followed a Business Insider report that said Samsung will launch the smartphone this month.

In a follow-up statement to CNET today, a Samsung spokeswoman said that the Galaxy Nexus' launch date "is not public information at this time," but added that it will launch "later this year."

The Galaxy Nexus comes with 4G connectivity and will be the first handset on the market to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. In his review of the handset, CNET editor Kent German said that the "Galaxy Nexus is a big step forward for Android," but cautioned that without Ice Cream Sandwich, it's "just another Android device."

Best Buy did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment on the Galaxy Nexus' eventual launch.