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FoldiMate returns to CES with a new design and higher price

This laundry-folding machine is still in the works, with a new feeder design and a $980 price tag.

FoldiMate returns to CES with a new design concept for folding laundry.
Molly Price/CNET

We took a look at FoldiMate, the laundry-folding machine, back in 2016, but the company made a return to CES this year with a new design concept. In past models, clothing items were clipped onto a vertical rack in order to feed through the folding machine. This year, FoldiMate rethought its design and presented a new model that feeds clothing items into the machine individually through a horizontal feeder.

The design concept on the CES floor is a preview of what an actual FoldiMate might look like in late 2019, when the company hopes to have units ready to deliver. 

There's no word yet on whether the FoldiMate will have an accompanying mobile app, but the team at FoldiMate does say it is looking into a partnership with BSH, the parent company of brands like Bosch, Siemens and Gaggenau. 

The design isn't the only thing to have changed. The price also got an update, rising to $980, which converts to roughly £720 and AU$1,250.

We'll keep an eye on laundry-folding tech and hope that someday our clothes really will fold themselves. 

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