Elmer's smart shower has surround sound and Alexa, too

You can control this shower's temp with an app and rock out while you get clean.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer
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If you've been itching to bring your stereo into your shower, good news: Elmer's smart shower has a solution that won't electrocute you. The Elmer Smart Shower plays your music in surround sound while you bathe. You can also control it with voice commands through Alexa. To top things off, it'll even spray essential oils on you if you want for a more fragrant clean.

After getting started in France, Elmer is bringing its smart shower to the rest of Europe and the US soon, and it's showing off the premium shower's features at CES in Vegas. This shower isn't a retrofit solution. If you're interested, expect a remodel, and expect to pay between $1,500 and $3,000 depending on the size of your bathroom and the model you want.

As you'd expect from a smart shower, you can control Elmer with an app. Set the temp remotely, and even monitor and control the flow and pressure of the water. Moen's smart shower does a lot of the same tricks. Like Moen, you'll be able to control Elmer through an Alexa skill. Alexa is  Amazon's  digital assistant made popular by the  Amazon Echo  smart speaker. If you have an Echo device, you'll be able to turn on your shower with a voice command.  

The higher-end models come with an essential oil diffuser. It'll actually spray the oils out the main showerhead as you bathe for a spa-like experience.

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Beyond the typical smart shower, Elmer has speakers built in that use the panels of the shower to diffuse the sound. The shower has Bluetooth so you can play your own music from a nearby phone.

Elmer's certainly going after a luxurious showering experience. We're seeing more and more smart bathroom equipment at CES, but Elmer's entertainment value helps it stand out.

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