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Ella searches your security camera footage for cars, people

IC Realtime's smart Ella search engine finds what matters most in your video footage.

Use key words to search for activity in your security camera's video footage.
IC Realtime

The premise of IC Realtime's Ella search engine is pretty simple: to analyze your camera's video footage and isolate only the events that matter most to you. But Ella's true charm is in how it achieves this -- with natural language tech.

That means you should be able to search your security camera footage (using the Ella software AI) with phrases like "school bus" or "red truck." From there, Ella is supposed to take over and share all of the instances your camera records that specific thing. 

IC Realtime says its search engine can ID vehicles, animals, objects, colors and even people. 

Of course, Ella isn't the only security software out there that can identify specific things. Kuna's AI software is supposed to be able to pick up on the make, model and color of a passing car. And plenty of other security cameras can detect people -- or even specific faces. What's unique here is the ability to use natural search language to find footage you care about.

The software claims to work with a wide range of security cameras in use today. So, in theory, that old security system in your house should work, as well as a newer self-install camera. 

Of course, you have to pay for the Ella service, starting at $7 per month. Ella is available now; find out more here.

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