Elgato wants to secure your home with 5 new HomeKit devices

A lock and a smoke detector headline Elgato's full lineup of new products at IFA 2017.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer
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From the upper left, moving clockwise: the Thermo, the Aqua, the Lock, the Smoke and the Window Guard. 


With a lock, a smoke detector and a window guard, Elgato wants to help Siri keep your home safe and sound. Elgato is showing off five new HomeKit products in total at IFA 2017 -- Berlin's big tech show that officially kicks off Wednesday.

In addition to the the lock, the smoke detector and the window guard, Elgato is debuting an updated Eve Thermo to control the temp of old-fashioned radiators and the Eve Aqua, which will let Siri water your lawn.

Elgato is a consumer technology company based in Germany, and it's not new to the smart home space. The Elgato Eve Room, Eve Energy and Eve Degree all work with Apple 's smart home platform -- known as HomeKit -- as well. The five new additions to the Elgato Eve lineup will take advantage of Apple's digital assistant Siri, so you can give a voice command to your iPhone to control your lock.

Watch this: Talk to Eve Room with Siri, but don't expect it to talk back

Here are the details on all five new products:

  • The Eve Thermo: An update of an existing product, the Eve Thermo will now feature touch controls and a temperature display to help you control your radiator.
  • The Eve Lock: Like most smart locks, you'll be able to control the product with an app and grant remote access to guests. The lock is battery-powered and works with Bluetooth. Supposedly, it'll automatically lock the door behind you as you leave. Elgato teamed with known lock-maker Yale for the hardware.
  • The Eve Smoke: Hopefully, this product will be more polished than the last HomeKit smoke detector we tested. Elgato partnered with Hager to make the smart detector, which will send you a push notification when your alarm sounds and let you check on the status of your alarm with Siri.
  • The Eve Window Guard: The contact and tamper sensor will let you know if your window is open or closed and can send you a push alert when its state changes.
  • The Eve Aqua: Remotely control your hose-fed sprinklers. Set a schedule or ask Siri to water your flowers.

Of the five, only the Eve Aqua is slated to be released in the US at this point, though Elgato doesn't have estimated prices or release dates for the Aqua, the lock, the smoke detector or the window guard. The updated Eve Thermo will be released Sept. 26 in Europe for 69,95 euro, which converts to roughly $85, £65 and AU$105.