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Dyson video teases mystery tech

It looks like Dyson is gearing up to release a fancy new product onto the market. Whatever could it be?

Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET

Dyson has made quite a name for itself in the field of innovative tech, first inventing the cyclone vacuum cleaner, then the bladeless fan: both innovations that may not have been necessary per se, but that provided a new level of both beautiful design and user-friendliness.

Now it seems that the technology company is working on something new, coming September 4, as teased in a video uploaded to the company's YouTube channel.

"16 years. 200 engineers. £28 million investment. The result? Tell us what you think it is," the company wrote in the video's description.

Based on the little snippets the company showed from its R&D lab, the device has a profile low to the ground, and is mounted with at least one camera with a panoramic view. Could it be related to the company's research into robotic vision?

Watch the video, then share your thoughts in the comments below.