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Dish selling Logitech Revue at discounted $179

As expected, Dish Network is selling a Google TV package for $179. The offer includes the Logitech Revue set-top box and requires customers to get DVR service for $4 per month.

Google TV working with a Dish Network DVR.
Google TV running on a Dish Network DVR.
Dish Network

Starting today, Dish Network customers can buy the Logitech Revue set-top box for $179.

The discounted price is available to Dish customers who subscribe to the DVR integration service, which costs $4 per month. The Logitech Revue, which features the Google TV platform, otherwise costs $299.

Dish Network announced the reduced price for Logitech Revue last month.

With the help of a Dish DVR, Revue owners can do a bit more than those who connect the Revue to a cable provider's DVR. Like their cable counterparts, Dish subscribers can surf the Web from the Revue and view programming from several services, including Netflix and Amazon Video On Demand. They can also search current live TV listings.

Unlike cable subscribers, Dish customers can also search for recorded content on the DVR and send commands to the DVR by way of the subscriber's home network.

Google has said that this functionality will come to other DVRs in the future.

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