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DirecTV app for iPad launches

DirecTV customers can now interact with the service from an iPad. The company's iPad app is available in Apple's App Store for free to any DirecTV customer.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
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Remote control functionality is only available via Wi-Fi on the user's home network. DirecTV

DirecTV has joined the growing number of television service providers that are embracing Apple's iPad.

The company announced today that DirecTV customers can now download its iPad app from Apple's App Store. The app offers users the ability to remotely control their televisions with built-in controls, set recordings, and change the channel. The app also includes a channel guide, the ability to set favorite channels, and the option to learn more about the show the person is currently watching.

The company already offers similar apps for iOS and Android devices, which allow users to browse shows and record programming remotely for free. DirecTV's new iPad app joins Comcast's and Dish's iPad apps in Apple's App Store. Those programs offer many of the same features, including the ability to search channel listings and record programming remotely. However, the DirecTV offering lacks a key feature that the competition has: the ability to watch programming from the iPad.

Dish's app lets users watch and control live programming from the iPad with the help of the Sling Adapter, a $99 device that connects to a user's DVR. Comcast's Xfinity TV app offers users the ability to watch movies and television shows from the app over a Wi-Fi connection. Both Comcast's and Dish's apps are available for free in the App Store.

Those interested in using DirecTV's free app must be customers with the company. In addition, the app only works with DirecTV Plus DVR and TiVo Series 2 receivers, DirecTV said. One other limitation: remote-control functionality is only available when a user is accessing Wi-Fi from their home network. The app's other features can be accessed via Wi-Fi or 3G.