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Digi Home's Special Sunday Deals: September 9, 2007

Are in the mood to spend some money? If so, check out these deals before you head to the store.

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Some Sunday Deals

I'll admit it -- I'm obsessed with the Sunday ads. Each morning, I run to the paper, open it up, take out the electronics ads and go find a secluded place in my house to see what kind of deals are available at my favorite stores. It's one of my favorite past times.

So, with that in mind, how would you like if I gave you some deals every Sunday? This is something I just thought up today while I was reading it and thought it would be a nice summary of what deals you can get for the week. I'm going to try it out for the next few weeks and I'd appreciate any comments or feedback you may have. Hey, even better, post some of your own deals you found in the comments.

I don't know about you, but I really can't stand buying something on a Saturday for full price and seeing it offered at a 20 percent discount the next day. There's something terribly disconcerting about the fact that I just spent more money than I had to in order to buy a new device. Let's put an end to this every Sunday and see what kind of deals are available in brick and mortars as well as online.

So, without further ado, here are some of the best deals I've found in my area for some of the most popular electronics stores. As I said above: if you would like to add some, please share.

Toys 'R Us: A VistaQuest 7.0-megapixel digital camera with 8x zoom for just $59.99 -- a $20 savings. Obviously designed for kids, this cam looks like a great entry-level device for kids with an eye for beauty.

Kmart: A Sylvania 32-inch LCD HDTV for $549.99. Sure, it's not going to be the best of quality or the nicest picture, but it's a pretty nice price for someone trying to get into the HD game.

Sears: The Panasonic TH-50PZ700U (a slightly larger version of the HDTV I wrote about here) is now on sale for $3,199.99 -- about $400 less than the original price at Sears. If the 42-incher is any indication of how well this will look, I'd consider it. Then again, save yourself some money and get a Vizio.

Target: 500GB Western Digital external hard drive for a cool $127.77. Not too shabby if you ask me. Too bad I bought a 160GB just a few weeks ago.

Target: 24: Season 5 for just $22.99. Well, I just had to promote my favorite show on TV, didn't I? Not a bad price for a great season.

Office Max: QuickBooks Pro 2007 is going for $129.99 -- a nice $70 savings from the original $199.99 price tag. I use QuickBooks Pro for my business and to be honest, it's really the best business management software I've ever used. And for $129.99, now is the perfect time to buy it.

Staples: The Canon Digital Rebel XTi is on sale for $799.98 -- a $100 savings off of the original price of $899.98. This camera is one of the nicest you'll come across and for $799.98, it's not a bad value.

Best Buy: LG 42PC5D is on sale for just $1299.99 -- a $250 savings.

Best Buy: A Canon EOS Rebel XT as well as a bag, extra battery and UV filter for just $649.99. If you're looking for a nice digital camera with all of the fixin's thrown it, look no further than this deal.

Circuit City: Buy one handheld game and get the second 50 percent off. Not bad if you're a PSP or DS fan. Unfortunately, I can't say that I'll capitalize on this one -- handheld games just don't excite me much anymore.

Circuit City: 5 free Blu-ray movies with the purchase of a Playstation 3. Yikes -- looks like there's trouble in Sony's paradise.

So there you have it: this week's deals from the Sunday ads. Feel free to share any others you may have.