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Digi Home's special Sunday deals: September 16, 2007

Are you ready for another Sunday of shopping? If so, check out these special deals from the Sunday ads.

Is it just me or did the time fly? Just one week ago, I was telling you about great Sunday deals from your local ads, and now I've got a whole net set of them. This week looks like another big one with deals on everything from computers to software.

Take a look:

Toys 'R Us: Guitar Hero II (PS2) with the guitar is on sale for $59.99. Sounds like a pretty good deal if you're keen on getting into the Guitar Hero world and with 55 different songs, you might be able to spend some nice time rocking out to your favorite songs.

Target: If you're looking to get into the HDTV game on the cheap, look no further than the Westinghouse 32-inch 720p HDTV that comes with a built-in DVD player. For as little as $699.99, you can have a respectable HDTV for a fraction of the price of other sets on the market.

Kmart: If you're a fan of Vizio HDTVs (and my experience says you should be), you can have a 32-inch Vizio LCD for only $599.99. Now that is what I call a deal.

Best Buy: Is it just me or are Windows-based laptops becoming more affordable by the day? You can get an entry-level Acer with an Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor, 1GB of RAM and dual-layer DVD-RW for only $499.99. Wow.

Circuit City: And last but not least today (it's a slow sales day for some reason), Seinfeld-- ne of my favorite sitcoms of all time--is on sale for only $24.99. Even better, that sale is for seasons 1-8. Nice!

Well, there they are. Please feel free to share any other sales I may have missed in the comments.