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Dev aims to get Flash running on iPad

A new application called Frash is now in development that may allow iPad owners to run Flash, through the mobile Safari browser, from their tablet device.


iPad owners who are still upset that Apple won't allow Flash in iOS might soon have a solution.

A new application for jailbroken iPads called Frash allows owners to run Flash in their Mobile Safari browser. The app was developed by Comex, a company that created the Spirit jailbreak.

Frash isn't currently available for wide release. The app, according to its developers, just isn't stable enough to justify releasing it just yet. Realizing that, Comex has decided to make the app's files available on GitHub to allow any developer to tweak and improve the software for iOS. The goal is to make the app reliable and then release it to the public.

Ironically, Frash is a port of the Android Flash plug-in that Adobe recently released for Google's mobile operating system. According to reports, the app will only run in the Mobile Safari browser, but the company plans to support the iPhone 3GS and iOS 4.

Frash is what many iPad and iPhone owners might have been waiting for. As Adobe has pointed out time and again, the vast majority of the Web's videos and games run on Flash. With the help of Frash, owners of jailbroken iPads will finally be able to access all that content when the app is made available to the public at some point in the relatively near future.

(Via App Advice)