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Dell drops its Streak 7 tablet

The company's Streak 7 page now says that the device "is no longer available online." The news comes just a few months after Dell discontinued the Streak 5.

The Dell Streak 7 is no longer available online.
The Dell Streak 7 is no longer available online.

Dell has stopped selling the Streak 7 Android-based tablet.

When customers go to the tablet's page, they're presented with a message, saying that the "Streak 7 is no longer available online." The page now features information on other mobile devices Dell sells, including the Venue and Venue Pro. Dell is also still selling accessories for the Streak 7.

Dell's decision to stop selling the Streak 7 comes just a few months after the company announced that it had discontinued the 5-inch Streak 5 tablet.

That said, it's worth noting that Dell has not officially announced the death of its 7-inch tablet, so until it responds to CNET's request for information on the Streak 7's status, saying that it's discontinued might be too strong. Amazon, for instance, continues to sell the Streak 7.

The Android-based Streak 7 featured a 7-inch display, a dual-core processor, and came with a $199 price tag when consumers entered into a two-year agreement with T-Mobile. Without a contract, the device set customers back $450.

In his Streak 7 review, CNET editor Donald Bell gave the device a "very good" rating, but cautioned that it wasn't "enough to distract us from the incoming wave of Android 3.0 tablets."

Aside from its shortcomings and Android competition, the Streak 7 was also caught in the iPad's shadow, making it nearly impossible for the device to gain traction.

Even with the troubles Dell has faced with Android-based tablets, the company isn't ready to turn its back on the software. In fact, last month, a Dell spokesman told CNET that it has no plans to exit the Android tablet business.

(Via Electronista)