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Cyber Monday sales rise 33 percent

Consumers also spend a little more per order shopping online compared with last year, according to the latest data from IBM.

Cyber Monday has typically been a big day for online retailers, but yesterday was a significant step up over last year, IBM has revealed.

According to the company, online sales were up 33 percent compared to Cyber Monday 2010 and 29.3 percent compared to Black Friday 2011. Consumers spent an average of $198.26 per order this year, IBM said. Last year, the average Cyber Monday order was $193.24.

"Cyber Monday was once again the big winner for the Thanksgiving holiday shopping season, with a record number of consumers focused on finding the best online deals," John Squire, chief strategy officer of IBM's Smarter Commerce initiative, said in a statement today.

Although the vast majority of online shoppers used computers, IBM said that mobile devices also played a key role in yesterday's shopping bonanza. The company found that 10.8 percent of all online shopping traffic yesterday originated from mobile devices. What's more, 6.6 percent of sales were made from smartphones or tablets. Apple's iPhone and iPad were the two most popular mobile devices consumers used to access shopping sites, accounting for 7.4 percent of all online traffic yesterday, the company said.

Embracing mobile devices proved extremely useful for retailers. Although IBM didn't mention any retailers by name, it did say that those firms that capitalized on the many ways people access their sites won out.

"Retailers that adopted a smarter approach to commerce, one that allowed them to swiftly adjust to the shifting shopping habits of their customers, whether in-store, online or via their mobile device, were able to fully benefit from this day and the entire holiday weekend," Squire said in a statement.

IBM's findings are the result of the company tracking over 1 million Cyber Monday transactions and analyzing data from 500 retailers around the U.S.

Compuware findings
IBM wasn't the only company to monitor Cyber Monday. Also today, Compuware announced findings from its Gomez Performance Satisfaction Index, which provides some insight into how well online sites are handling increased demand during "a critical shopping period." According to Compuware, the findings illustrate "how satisfied or frustrated users may be with their online experiences."

Here are some findings from Compuware's Index:

  • The average response time for the Web's top 50 retailers was 10.049 seconds on Cyber Monday.
  • J.C. Penney, Apple, and Macy's did the best job of keeping their home pages available and responsive among the Web's top 10 online retailers.
  • When the top 50 online retailers are factored in, J.C. Penney, Apple, and Symantec performed best in terms of home page availability and response time.

We'll update this story with more Cyber Monday stats as they're made available.